Friday, November 2, 2012

Hello My Dear (the Dutch moniker)

Hello dear readers (old and new, English and Dutch!). I received an email last night from another Sarah with another Hello My Dear site (what are the odds?!). She and her HMD business were featured on a Flemish television show (which might be why you're here) and Google was directing many of her inquiries to me. I must right this wrong! She had this to say:

Op zoek naar hellomydear na de reportage in Koppen?
Het vraagt wat tijd om in Google opgenomen te worden... vandaar dat je op deze mooie blog terecht gekomen bent, in plaats van bij ons.
Neus gerust nog even rond hier en klik dan door naar
Sarah en Karolien

And just in case you're curious about what this might mean, translated it's:
Looking for hellomydear: the place to capture life stories?
It takes some time to be published in Google, that is why you have arrived at this beautiful blog instead of with us.
Do stay around here for awhile, and then click through to!
Sarah & Karolien

Sarah also told me that they're going to be launching their English-language site soon (and it seems like a cool concept) so all you Americans, bookmark them and check back.
Thanks all!
(PS. I miss you. Thanks for your patience while life pulls me in other directions. I hope to see you again soon.)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Moving In: Exposed Closets

I'm on that horrible (and also fun and exciting) journey of apartment hunting. One minute it's exhilarating and the next it's exhausting. I've been really looking for probably three weeks now and it's taking up so much space in my brain that it's hard for me to even type this post, but here we are. Moving is not fun. But moving in — that's super fun. I love to decorate, to bring my old stuff and a little bit of new stuff and repurpose it all. So, of course, when I'm not on Craig's list, I'm scouring the internets to find some fun ideas to incorporate into my new space. One thing I've been particularly intrigued by is the idea of exposed closets. Let's be honest, my clothes aren't this pretty and fortunately, most of the apartments I've looked at have had ample storage, but it's still nice to be inspired.
So pretty right? Images from top: with couch // with large mirror // with purple rug // with grey stripe rug // behind bed

Friday, August 10, 2012

Feeling Moody: London Mod

Have you been watching the Olympics, friends? I'll be honest with you (and hope "they" don't make me go live on Mars), I really don't care much about all of this athletic showcasing. Don't get me wrong, I'm impressed with their self-discipline and talent and all of that... I'd just rather watch something else (preferably something on Bravo). However, I am intrigued by London. Or at least my romantic notion of London: it's all tea and biscuits, fish and chips wrapped in newspaper, phone calls in those delightful red booths, double decker buses and mod mod mod. Which brings me to today's mood board.
You know Twiggy right? If you didn't know her before America's Next Top Model (shame on you... kidding), surely you're familiar with her now. Or you'll at least recognize the waif with the pixie cut and huge eyes shown below. She is what I think of when I picture London. I know, it's a bit like saying all of us Americans look like Cindy Crawford in all her mid-western, corn fed beauty, but I can't help myself.
Here—get in the Mod mood:

twiggySuper fun right? And it's all from companies located in the UK. Here, I'll prove it to you:
Twiggy, umbrella, coin purse, peter pan collared frock (oooooh! I'm so British.), MAC lipstick, t-strap ballet flats (I'm a little obsessed with these) and charmed bracelet.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pretty Party: Sweet Caroline + Andy

Helllllllllo my dear! Oh how I've missed you! Please forgive my absence and know that you've all been in my heart as life has been whooshing past me these past few months. What a whirlwind! And it's not over but I couldn't stand to be away any longer. And when I came across this absolutely lovely wedding I had to share. The whole thing was a mix of elegance and industry and it was executed perfectly. Oh! And how stinkin cute are the bride and groom and every last one of their lovely guests? Looks like such a fun party!

Caroline and Andrew Caroline and AndrewAll of the images are from the incredibly talented Jenny Jimenez. Her portfolio is so much fun. And if you just have to see more of this sweet couple, check out their awesome engagement session (also by Jenny). See you soon!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Moving In: Berlin Residence

Our new friend Malin Elmlid is, of course, a baker and fashion consultant living in Berlin. Her apartment is light and natural and unfussy. And I'd move in in a second.
Berlin Residence Berlin Residence Berlin ResidenceThis is exactly what I want my next apartment to look like.
Read her story and see more images here.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pretty Parties: Lipstick at the Golden Globes

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? I did. Well, sort of. I was watching it with a handful of rather impatient people so we fast-forwarded through quite a bit of it (oh, modern technology). But one thing I did watch was all of the gorgeous actresses and their gorgeous lipstick. So much inspiration this year! Mauve and cherry and strawberry- oh my! You can probably tell by the massive picture of her beautiful face, but Claire Danes knocked my socks off. She just keeps getting better and better doesn't she? So lovely.
Lipstick at the Golden Globessources: claire danes // dianna agron // angelina jolie // evan rachel wood // kate winslet // maya rudolph

Monday, January 9, 2012

Look At This: Tweed Run

Happy New Year my dear! I hope it's off to an amazing start! I also hope one of your new years resolutions is to wear more tweed and ride vintage bikes through the streets of New York. Because apparently everyone who does this is fabulous. The Tweed Run is a sponsored event by the king of prep himself, Mr. Ralph Lauren (or at least his brand sponsors it) and the gorgeous Jamie Beck was a featured blogger who captured the day beautifully. Just take a peek at these images.
Tweed Run
Tweed Run
Tweed Run
So beautiful. Speaking of, our talented photographer friend, Ms. Jamie Beck is the first pretty lady on the bike in the top left. Isn't she adorable. Yes, yes she is.
(all images are from her delightful blog, From Me To You)
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