Friday, November 2, 2012

Hello My Dear (the Dutch moniker)

Hello dear readers (old and new, English and Dutch!). I received an email last night from another Sarah with another Hello My Dear site (what are the odds?!). She and her HMD business were featured on a Flemish television show (which might be why you're here) and Google was directing many of her inquiries to me. I must right this wrong! She had this to say:

Op zoek naar hellomydear na de reportage in Koppen?
Het vraagt wat tijd om in Google opgenomen te worden... vandaar dat je op deze mooie blog terecht gekomen bent, in plaats van bij ons.
Neus gerust nog even rond hier en klik dan door naar
Sarah en Karolien

And just in case you're curious about what this might mean, translated it's:
Looking for hellomydear: the place to capture life stories?
It takes some time to be published in Google, that is why you have arrived at this beautiful blog instead of with us.
Do stay around here for awhile, and then click through to!
Sarah & Karolien

Sarah also told me that they're going to be launching their English-language site soon (and it seems like a cool concept) so all you Americans, bookmark them and check back.
Thanks all!
(PS. I miss you. Thanks for your patience while life pulls me in other directions. I hope to see you again soon.)

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