Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet: Lotta Agaton

Lotta Agaton is an incredibly talented interior stylist based in Sweden. Her styling is minimal but warm and her spaces look lived in without being messy or overly fussy. One thing I particularly love about her work is that she doesn't rely on color to carry her vision, she often uses a neutral background with a single pop of color. Oh, and she put bubbles in that kitchen shot, which is genius.
Portfolio of stylist Lotta Agaton
Portfolio of stylist Lotta Agaton
Portfolio of stylist Lotta Agaton
See more of her work here. Visit her blog here. (How's your Monday going?)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Countdown's Begun!

Hello my dears! I hope you're having a great weekend. I'm sure you're already aware of this extra exciting news but I had to share it just in case (and because I want these gorgeous images on my blog): Anthropologie's new wedding line finally has a release date! February 14th! That's right—only two weeks my lovelies. We should have champagne to celebrate.
BHLDN (teaser)
The website is up, but there's not a ton to see yet. You can sign up to get the email alerts though. Oooooh! I can't wait!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pack Your Bags—Paris

I'm sure I don't have to ask you twice to pack your bags for Paris. You wouldn't have to me—I'd love to visit the city of lights. And I'd love to stay at any one of the hundreds of hotels. But since this is merely a fantasy at this point, I thought I'd show two hotels that are particularly beautiful. We can pretend we're off on a fabulous holiday.
Paris Hotel
This (above) is the La Belle Juliette (even the name is a vacation!). I love the cool palette mixed with the warm antiques.
Paris Hotel
Paris Hotel
And then there's the amazing Hotel Joyce. I'm crazy about the Eiffel Tower concierge desk and even crazier about the drawn headboards, paneling and chandeliers in the bedrooms.
Going anywhere exciting this weekend?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Super Cool Street Style

I don't consider myself much of a fashionista. I tend to giggle nervously when I see someone on the street that's particularly put together (or purposefully a mess) because it's so foreign to me to know how to artistically put on clothing and have it be hip and happenin'. That said, I appreciate and recognize when someone puts the effort in and makes an impression with their outfit. I also really appreciate good photography and love to see how people in other parts of the world are dressing. This is why street fashion blogs are part of my internet life. My first was the Sartorialist (he may be the first in general) and his blog is so, so great but I thought I'd share some lesser knowns.
Street Style—Mostly France
Jak + Jil // Mostly France
Street Style—Stockholm
Stockholm Streetstyle
Street Style—Portland, OR
Urban Weeds // Portland, Oregon
Street Style—Copenhagen
Copenhagen Street Style

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Listen To This: Music for your Wednesday

It was Australia Day on the 26th and we had a lovely barbecue with friends. The Cricket was on (don't get me started) and we all gathered in the one room that has air conditioning until the shade was wide enough in the backyard for us to be outside without melting. One of the big things on Australia Day is the Triple J Hottest 100. This is a listener-created countdown of the best songs of the last year. And this year Angus and Julia Stone took the number one spot with the above song. It's lovely and melancholy and Australia-made. So there you go—enjoy! (PS. Hope you don't mind the "Music For..." being moved to Wednesday this week! It'll most likely be back to Friday next week).
(Angus and Julia Stone // Big Jet Plane)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Vintage Collection

I love a nicely curated collection and, luckily, so does the LA Times Magazine. They've created a column that showcases 50 items in a selected category; everything from cigar bands to police badges to tokyo taxi tops. Since I'm particularly interested in vintage items, I'm sharing postcards of celebrity homes, vintage beer cans and product illustration from Noel Petter. Check out the site though for lots of other great collections.
LA Times "50" Collection
LA Times "50" Collection
LA Times "50" Collection

Monday, January 24, 2011

Moving Pictures

Over the past month or so I've come across a handful of photographers with one thing in common: movement. Most of the time the images I'm attracted to are subtle and still and soft, but these really peaked my interest. Jordan Matter, Martin Stranka and Tereza Vlckova have created some beautiful photographs.
Tereza Vlckova
Martin Stranka
Dancers Among Us

Friday, January 21, 2011

Music For Your Friday

Such fun to watch, such a delight to listen to. Happy weekend my friends! Make it a good one!
the morning benders // excuses

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chicago Street Photography // Vivian Maier

I've been trying to write this post for 15 minutes and I keep deleting and trying again and deleting and, well, you get the idea. I have no words for what I'm about to share with you. These images are completely mesmerizing and breathtaking. And up until a couple years ago, no one even knew they existed.
The hero of the story (John Maloof) randomly purchased a box of photo negatives at a Chicago auction. He took these negatives home, began scanning and soon realized he had stumbled across something really special. He called up the people who'd purchased the other boxes from the auction and soon had 90-95% of Ms. Vivian Maier's catalog.
He's spent the time ever since scanning, cataloging, preserving and creating a well-deserved buzz around Vivian. Not only is he working on preserving her work but he's putting together her biography. He's learned that she arrived in America from France in the early 1930's and worked in New York. At some point she moved to Chicago and became a nanny. So far most of the photos he's discovered are from the 1950's - 1970's and were taken on the streets of Chicago. It seems that she had no formal training but she did study other photographers work. According to some previous employers of hers, Vivian was a "Socialist, a Feminist, a movie critic, and a tell-it-like-it-is type of person. She learned English by going to theaters, which she loved. She wore a men's jacket, men's shoes and a large hat most of the time. She was constantly taking pictures, which she didn't show anyone." Doesn't she sound intriguing? Just wait until you see her photos:
Vivian Maier
Vivian Maier
Vivian Maier
There are heaps more on his blog and he's updating it often. I wait with bated breath! (PS. That's the photographer herself in the last row, in the mirror.)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Chic Gardener

You know how much I love anything to do with the mid-century: fashion, society, interior design, graphic design, all of it... And you know that I love it when people interpret this era in modern (or at least new) ways. So, obviously Kelly Reemtsen and I were meant to be great friends. She's created these fantastic oil paintings featuring women in vintage dress with (mainly) gardening tools... or weapons of destruction depending on how you look at them. There is something a little menacing about a woman in a pink satin dress holding a gardening hose. Not entirely sure what she's up to, but I'm intrigued.
Kelly Reemtsen
Kelly Reemtsen
And since it's always time to be thinking about gardening (either you're planting or harvesting or prepping for both) I thought I'd share some items to pretty up the task.
where to buy: shirt dress // blue booties // kitchen compost bin // tools // watering can // pots // gloves // kneeling pad // plant stand // chalk board plant markers // clover t-shirt
Are you a gardener?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Elizabeth + Kevin

Elizabeth and Kevin were lucky enough to get married at Terrain in Philadelphia. This place is magical in itself (with an amazing greenhouse, cafe, lodge and terrace) but when you add in the sweet and whimsical touches this couple provided the result is stunning. You won't disagree.
Elizabeth and Kevin
Elizabeth and Kevin
Some of my favorite touches: 1,000 paper cranes above the couple; mixy-matchy fabrics everywhere (apparently she even made aprons for all of the wait staff to wear—what a good idea!); the flowers were a sweet mix of wildflowers and her bouquet had antique brooches mixed in; root beer floats (!). The whole thing is stunning, yes?
PS. This gorgeous bride has a gorgeous blog. Check it out!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cycle Style

Bikes are cool— they're our first shred of independence as we are allowed to ride farther and farther from home. Bikes are romantic— they're pretend horses and airplanes and motorcycles. Bikes are a link to our childhood and a road to adulthood. They're also simple and fun and something we have in common throughout the world and throughout generations. All of that poetry aside, they add so much interest to a photo shoot. NEET is a great electronic magazine and back in September they did a lovely little feature called "Cycle Style". I think it's a perfect distraction from the freeze of winter/heat of summer.
Cycle Style
Cycle Style
And I ran across this Tumblr blog that posts pictures of celebrities on bicycles. Something about it (especially the old photos) is so whimsical and pure.
Cycle Style
See you tomorrow! (Earlier I promise!)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Music for your Friday

It wasn't that long ago that I discovered First Aid Kit, a sister act from Sweden with haunting harmonies and lovely, poetic lyrics. How did I exist without them? Happy weekending everyone! Hope it's relaxing and sweet.
(first aid kit // ghost town)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Heartbreak in Queensland

Well my friends, I tried to go about business as usual but my heart is too heavy to post about something other than the devastation that I'm witnessing. As most of you have surely heard (or seen or experienced) the state of Queensland in Australia has recently experienced a massive natural disaster: flooding the likes of which I never even imagined. Seventy-five percent of the state (which is roughly 2.5 times the size of Texas) has been declared a disaster zone. It's unfathomable really. And although I'm certain that these strong and determined people will come out even stronger and more determined, it's important that they feel our encouragement and support. There are a couple of ways you can help: donate money (it's a little tricky for you not in Australia, but it's not impossible: click on the link to figure it out) or simply let them know you're pulling for them. At the very least take a minute to really soak up these pictures and send a thought their way.
Queensland flood
Queensland flood
Queensland flood
Queensland flood
Queensland flood
Queensland flood
These images are from the Herald Sun site, there are so many more to see (along with videos and amazing stories).

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now and Then

It's really fun to see an old photograph and realize that you can relate to where the image was captured—it's as if you're somehow a part of the past in a really tangible way. This would explain why I am so intrigued by this viewer-participated photo project curated by the Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC). ABC invited everyone with an old photograph to visit the location of the picture and take another picture, with the old image in the frame, in the modern environment. I'm not doing a great job of explaining this, but you'll get the idea I promise:
Australian ABC project: Now and Then
Australian ABC project: Now and Then
Australian ABC project: Now and Then
Pretty great huh? See tons and tons more here. Also (as they readily admit) they were influenced by the awesome Flickr pool "Looking into the Past" which you should also check out.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Genius of Kate Spade(s Creative Team)

Kate Spade has created some incredibly beautiful, colorful, inspiring and all around awesome campaigns over the years. They're always so vibrant and full of character — just like Kate's clothing and accessories and homewares lines. I thought today, being particularly grey and sad, would be a good day to get lost in her light-hearted campaigns.
Kate Spade Campaigns
Kate Spade Campaigns
Kate Spade Campaigns
Images from: randi brookman harris // kate spade // the little big house // the fresh exchange // sun rainey // refinery 29

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mid-Century Magic (Douglas Coupland)

Douglas Coupland is a well-respected author and artist who lives in Vancouver. He is also the owner of two houses; which, in itself, is not that uncommon for a popular author/artist. What is uncommon is that the houses are not only in the same city, but on the same street. In fact his main house is directly in front of his second home. His reasoning for this: he loves them both. And his second is actually a lovely mid-century house that he was keen on making sure remained well taken care of and looked after. Can't fault a man for that! Especially since it's a style of architecture that I'm particularly fond of myself. He's outfitted the interior with found objects, mid-century furniture and his own artwork. And let me tell you, it all works quite well together.
Douglas Coupland's Home
Douglas Coupland's Home
So many quirky touches: he's building a white lego surround around that column, his large downy bottle in the entryway, the spools of thread mounted on pegs, the game "mousetrap" acting as sculpture, the dice on the wall in the entry way. I love all of the colors and the light, it really does feel like a vacation home. Maybe he'd let us stay for a night or two?
(all images from the New York Times)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Music For Your Friday

Perfect song to start your weekend. It's nice to put a lovely bearded face to this amazing album. See you Monday my dears!
(the national // bloodbuzz ohio)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh My Darlin'

In my daily blogging and magazine reading and working at the shop I'm lucky enough to come across some magical things. Things that I can't quite get over, that I can't pinpoint what it is exactly about them that I love so much, but I just love so much. That's how it is with the designs and products (and frankly the two adorable ladies) of Darling Clementine. This rockin' duo creates such amazingly sweet and fun products: everything from cards to tea towels to ice cream rebrands. And they get to do it in a really nice space in Norway. This first set of images is from their new storefront/office.
Darling Clementine
I can't get over that checkerboard floor.
And here is some of their work:
Darling Clementine
My friend (and boss) and I were just ooh-la-laing over that amazing cushion with the woman's profile. If it were mine I would love it forever. And that "rockin robin" card is hilarious.
Lastly, one half of the team (Ms. Tonje Holand) had her home featured on design*sponge awhile back. Take a look at this Scandinavian beauty.
Tonje Holand (Darling Clementine)
Why not buy a little something from their shop? Or just go and admire their work or all of the goodies on the blog.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Meet: Twig Hutchinson

You read that right: Twig. I'll stop there because I'm sure if she ever stumbles upon this (hi!) she doesn't want to read another stranger talking about how awesome her name is. You and I know what it is and we're cosmopolitan enough to move forward from here. Shall we? Good...
So, our friend Twig is an amazing prop stylist. I want to curl up into every single one of the rooms/outfits/pieces of toast with jam that she's put her touch on. There's so much to see on her portfolio site that you'll forgive me for posting such a large number of images today. I literally loved every single one and am proud of myself for not rounding the corners on each of them and uploading them to this post. You'll have to go visit. But before you leave, drink in some of my favorites.
Twig Hutchinson: Prop Stylist
Twig Hutchinson: Prop Stylist
Twig Hutchinson: Prop Stylist
Twig Hutchinson: Prop Stylist
PS. That's the lovely stylist herself (in her own bathroom, with her own boots on) above. Doesn't it all make sense now? Her personal style so easily translates to her work style. Dang. If only I could be that put together...
PPS. Happy 200th post everyone! You're all my favorites. Let's have margaritas and celebrate!
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