Friday, April 29, 2011

Listen To This: Asa

This is so much fun. And soulful. And jazzy. And perfect to send you into your weekend. Enjoy my dears!

(asa: be my man)
Want to recreate this video with your man? Here are some key pieces to get you started.
Inspired by Asa's "Be My Man"
Go shopping! (polka dot dress // eyeglasses // ketchup + mustard // suspenders // hi-tops // sunglasses // red pumps // gumballs)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dresses + Drink Stations

We are in full-on Royal Wedding hoopla here in Brisbane (and probably everywhere in the world). Now, I'm not saying this is good or bad (although I will say that I fluctuate between being completely intrigued and completely irritated) but it has got me in the wedding mood. I discovered Maison Bellaish (the stunning bridal and ready-to-wear fashion label) awhile ago and have been wondering when it would make it into a post. Well, today is that day. I know you're going to love Mr. Bellaish's designs as well as the styling of the photographs. They have such an elegant and vintage feel to them.
Maison Bellaish (1)
Maison Bellaish (2)
(all images from his gorgeous website) Aren't they so lovely? Yes. I think our soon-to-be Princess Kate would rock any of these dresses. She's so beautiful don't you think? All that silky hair?
I'm hoping to make it to a viewing party tomorrow night. It's a girls-only affair and we've been asked to dress up as if we were actually going to the wedding. Oh and to bring a teacup and saucer to drink champagne out of. Sounds like a lot of fun right? Know what would be even more fun? If I showed up to said gala and there was one of these lovely drink stations waiting for me. (Of course if there's nothing more than a chilled bottle of pink champagne sitting on the kitchen bench that'll be just fine as well!)
Drink Stations (1)
Drink Stations (2)
Drink Stations (3)
images from top left: three jars // blue + white // marital bliss // peach // yellow stripes // ribbons // martini station // gold + silver // green // mirror // branches // champagne cocktails

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meet: Jennifer Causey

You should probably get yourself a snack or make some amazing lunch plans before you take a look at what I'm about to show you. Because our new friend Jennifer knows how to take a gorgeous foody photograph. I recently shared Jennifers work with you (remember? "The Makers"?) but that was a specific project of hers and I really couldn't just leave it there. Her portfolio is beautiful but I was particularly drawn to her food. I'm telling you, you're going to want a snack so be prepared...
Jennifer Causey (1)
Jennifer Causey (2)
Jennifer Causey (3)
(all images are from her delicious website)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Framing Objects

I love the idea of framing important objects: baby clothes, your mom's vintage purse, a childhood toy. They make such charming and interesting additions to an interior.
Framed Objects (1)
Framed Objects (2)
Framed Objects (3)
Framed Objects (4)
images from top left: white shirt // glass ornaments // books // paper heart // dress // flowers // frame installation // keys (with little notes underneath saying where each one was from) // badges // starfish // shoes growth chart // swimsuits // christmas ornaments // silverware // plates // doll clothes // animal

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Takin' A Break

Since I'll probably be in a "lots of good food and family-time and chocolate eggs" daze from now until after the Holiday, I thought I'd have a little break from this. You should get off the computer and go enjoy your own daze anyway. Happy Easter my dears! See you on Tuesday! xo
Easter (Life magazine)
Sweet images from the Life Magazine online gallery.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Very Purple-y

Purple has never been a favorite of mine. I think every one of my friends went through a purple bedroom stage but I've always been a blue and white kind of girl. Or maybe green. But for some reason I missed the purple boat. But I'm climbing aboard now. There are so many delightful shades of purple: bright, dusky, pale. And as an accent or paired with mostly white it's really quite lovely without being garish. Who knew? Probably all of you that had gorgeous teenage, purple bedrooms.
Purple (1)
Purple (2)
Purple (3)
images from top left: purple rug // dark couch // teacups // lilac couches // purple wall // purple blanket // striped floor // shutters // oriental rug // velvet pillow // lilac chair // glass bottles // balloons // wallpaper // lilac pillow // dusty purple wall // marble fireplace // dark purple wall // tabletop

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pack Your Bags — Longman + Eagle

This one might actually happen for me... it's in Chicago, which is about 45 minutes or so from my hometown in Illinois. I'm not sure if that makes it more or less attainable (why is it so difficult to travel close to home?), but it doesn't feel like such a pipe dream. And Longman and Eagle seems like such a lovely and comfortable and cool place to spend a night. The hotel offers six rooms and all are thoughtfully and charmingly decorated with lots of interesting, rustic details. And the best part? It's above a rather delicious looking restaurant and bar (specializing in whiskey) offering locally grown, sustainable, in-season dishes which means a menu that is constantly being updated and thought about. Why aren't all restaurants like this? It makes so much sense.
Longman + Eagle (1)
Longman + Eagle (2)
Longman + Eagle (3)
Longman + Eagle (4)
I got most of these images from their website, but also from a fellow blogger who recently visited "you have broken the internet" (ha!).
And since I adore this aesthetic, I thought I'd share a few resources to give your place a similar feel.
Inspired by Longman + Eagle
sources: number coasters // blue throw // desk lamp // globe bank // tree coat rack // slate whiskey // cougar bourbon // the doctor sign // crates

Monday, April 18, 2011

Have a Cuppa?

Hello friends! I spent most of today telling this cold that's trying to take over my body that it is not welcome and also (and more importantly) catching up on the zillions of blog posts I've missed over the past month. I've been particularly busy and preoccupied so I'm very behind, and am truthfully still very behind, but I did run across two things that I thought you'd be interested in.
Up first is a project from Brooklyn photographer Jennifer Causey called "The Makers". She interviews and photographs small business owners/artists/you know people who "make" things. One of my favorites is her profile of Brooklyn (and Oakland and San Francisco) based coffee shop, "Blue Bottle". The moustached owner seems to really love the art of roasting the beans and his shop looks a bit like a chemists lab with all of those dials and jars and funnels. It's really quite interesting to see the process.
Blue Bottle (1)
Blue Bottle (2)
(via design is mine)
And then I came across this lovely coffee shop in Mexico called "Cielito Querido Cafe" and knew that you'd be able to picture yourself enjoying a hot beverage there as well. It's gorgeous.
Cielito Querido Café
I love the lively colors and all of that fabulous typography. And the fact that I can enjoy a delicious coffee sends me over the moon.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Listen To This: Stereophonics

This one goes out to Deano. Happy birthday mate!

(stereophonics // a thousand trees)
Now, for the art. There's a lot of pressure to make something amazing to represent a friend's favorite (or at the very least top 10) songs. I hope you approve. ("You" is the birthday boy, but I hope you all like it too!)
A Thousand Trees
Happy weekend my dears! xo

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Places To Go (from the comfort of your sofa)

When I first began appreciating vintage items (particularly homewares) I remember getting extra excited about the funny little illustrations that adorned books and tea towels and handkerchiefs. I just thought they were so darn charming (which of course they are). And I've always been a fan of vintage/vintage-inspired maps and when the two of these things come together it's a marriage made in heaven. Oh, and maps just on their own are quite stunning aren't they? I love a vintage pull-down, school map don't you?
Maps (1)
Maps (2)
Maps (3)
images (from top left and across): pull down // coasters // chair // sideboard // ring pillow // tray // backdrop // radio // glasses // chairs // pillow // tablecloth

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy House Plants

I remember my mom having a lot of plants around the house. They hung from painted hooks in the ceiling, sat on step ladders or on doilies on top of antique hutches. Fake plants have come a long way but there's nothing that can compare to a real, live potted plant in an interior. Even if you're guests can't tell the difference, to me there's something really romantic and organic about caring for a living decoration. Even if it doesn't bloom, even if it has an awful name like "spider plant", seeing that spot of green is very comforting.
House Plants (1)
House Plants (2)
House Plants (3)
House Plants (4)
House Plants (5)Images are mostly from pinterest. Are you a part of pinterest yet? Just take one little peek over there and you'll be hooked. Images specifically (from top left and across): dining room // kitchen // bathroom // countertop // bathroom // hutch // porch // bedroom // tea tins // living room // dining room // kitchen // living room // table by window // dining room // bathroom // kitchen counter // window // plantstand

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Modern Movie Posters

I'm really enjoying this new trend of reinventing classic movie posters (in the traditional or cult sense). I particularly love the pieces that boil down the plot to a single scene or icon. So clever.
Modern Movie Posters (1)
Modern Movie Posters (2)
Modern Movie Posters (3)
images from top: line drawings // i can read movies // simple icons // art deco // pictograms

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pack Your Bags —Michelberger Hotel

The Michelberger Hotel used to be an old factory. Now it's one of the coolest looking boutique hotels I've come across. It's full of books and magazines and cuckoo clocks and gorgeous yellow + pale blue and comfy couches and balconies and coffee and beer. Oh man, it looks like Heaven. You know— if Heaven were a concrete building with a back yard bar and live music on the weekends. Which it probably is...
Michelberger Hotel—Berlin (1)
Michelberger Hotel—Berlin (2)
Michelberger Hotel—Berlin (3)
Michelberger Hotel—Berlin (4)
Michelberger Hotel—Berlin (5)
So much to see isn't there? I can imagine there's even more goodness to see in person... who's with me?
(images via: apartment therapy // we heart // pull the metal // art resort // domestic candy // grey)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Listen To This: Scattered Trees

Remember a little while ago when I told you about Scattered Trees? Well, these incredibly talented people (and dear friends) have just released their album "Sympathy". It's really so ambitious and lovely and you'd be a fool not to hurry over to iTunes and get your copy. You should probably also visit their site, where you can get a physical CD if you're old school, as well as get caught up on all the goss. Here's a track off their new release.

(scattered trees // love and leave)
Such a great video! Yes? Yes.
I know you'd like to feel more involved in this young band's creative decisions, so here's your chance. Consequence of Sound has invited four talented film makers from the New York City area to make a music video for the Scattered Trees song "Four Days Straight" which is available for you to critique and make your opinion known. The winner will get to be the official video. Best news? You'll not come even close to getting sick of hearing the song after four plays through so get over to CoS and make a decision.
Scattered Trees: Four Days Straight Competition
Have a good weekend my dears!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thirty-One Birthday Goodies

Well my dears, tomorrow I'm the big 3-1. Can you believe it? Me either. To celebrate my birthday (since tomorrow's "Listen To This" and I don't want to mess with that) I thought we could drool over some lovely birthday treats today (31 birthday treats to be exact). You wouldn't object to that would you? I thought not.
Birthday Treats (1)
Birthday Treats (2)
Birthday Treats (3)
Birthday Treats (4)
Birthday Treats (5)
Birthday Treats (6)
Any other birthdays out there this week/month/season? Well these are for you too! Happy (my) New Year everyone! Can't wait to see what we get up to! xo
images from top: flags // coconut // mini-wedding cakes // heart // bunting // flowers // donuts // ice cream // iced bundt // marilyn // lamington on teacup stand // bunting no. 2 // black + white // me! // brownies // cake parade // strawberries // pink + black // german chocolate // white // swans down // deer // elephants // circle // cupcakes in cups // stripes // berry // painting // pie // balloons // poured chocolate

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Unexpected Chandeliers

Chandeliers aren't just for stuffy dining rooms. To be honest, they haven't been for quite some time but although I've been seeing these lovely lights popping up in unexpected spaces for awhile now, I still get a tinge of excitement when I see them above a bathtub or in a closet or on an outdoor porch. There's just something about the elegance of a chandelier mixed with the utility of a laundry room that's quite whimsical and charming, don't you think?
Unexpected Chandeliers (1)
Unexpected Chandeliers (2)
Unexpected Chandeliers (3)
images from top left and in rows: atrium // whitewash bathroom // striped ottoman // reception // grey wallpaper // living room // tree // yellow door // desk // brick bedroom wall // empty closet // entry // sun room // porch // laundry
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