Friday, December 2, 2011

Look At This: 365 Lucky Days

So, remember when we used to have time to "create" things? Oh, me either really but I do remember a time when I was less busy and can imagine I may have filled that time creating. Until we get to that point again, let's live vicariously through the incredibly talented Lucky who's decided to make something every day for a whole year: hence the "365 lucky days" project. Her hand-embroidered portraits on top of vintage fabrics make me super happy. Especially because she themes them around topics like "blog crush" and "take this job and shove it". The ladies I'm sharing are from her "bombshell" week and the fellas are from "I think I love you but I'm a preteen and my mom says it's just hormones" week. Hilarious.
365 Lucky Days
365 Lucky Days
These are so many more are from the 365 Lucky Days blog. Check it.

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  1. This was my resolution for this year, to get back to "making". How is it that you have no comments on this post? what a fabulous project, I'm def going to check it out.


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