Monday, November 15, 2010

Living with Beci Orpin

Beci Orpin is a Melbourne, Australia based illustrator/artist/designer/inspiration. I became familiar with her work after exploring the Australia-based design blog, The Design Files and must admit that I became obsessed with her house before her work. Although they really are one in the same.—the inclusion of a design studio and the fact that she decorates with a lot of her own work result in a space that could actually double as a gallery. All of it is so fun and happy. Let's start with her house:
Beci Orpin
Beci Orpin
I love that she not only uses her own art to decorate her walls, but she uses her children's. They go together really well!
Speaking of her work, here is some of my favorite stuff of hers:
Beci Orpin
Beci Orpin
I especially love the wooden, die-cut brooches. I'd wear the heck out of that fox brooch.
Images of her home are from the Design Files. Beci is represented by the amazing Jacky Winter Group and you should definitely check out Beci's website (where you can also get to her blog and online shoppe).

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