Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sydney Picnic Company

Don't you wish you could just make picnics all day? And people would pay you for them? Well, I do. And so did the cutest couple around: Simon and Natalie. They've started a picnic-for-hire company in Sydney (Australia) and for a smallish fee you can enjoy gourmet food (they try to be as local and organic as possible) packed sweetly in a wicker basket with cutlery, dishes and lovely little extras like handcrafted menus and banners. You can also get blankets and cushions. Geez. Maybe they franchise.
Sydney Picnic Co.
Sydney Picnic Co.
Visit their site to see more pictures and learn more about their sweet company. Be warned, if you weren't hungry before you visited their site, you're going to be once you read all of the delicious foods they offer!
Through the Sydney Picnic Co blog I discovered these vendors for traditional wicker baskets and adorable vintage plate cake stands, and these super fun and super eco-friendly picnic boxes.
Life's  a Picnic
Baskets and cake stands are from Life's a Picnic and the boxes are from Boxsal.

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