Friday, August 10, 2012

Feeling Moody: London Mod

Have you been watching the Olympics, friends? I'll be honest with you (and hope "they" don't make me go live on Mars), I really don't care much about all of this athletic showcasing. Don't get me wrong, I'm impressed with their self-discipline and talent and all of that... I'd just rather watch something else (preferably something on Bravo). However, I am intrigued by London. Or at least my romantic notion of London: it's all tea and biscuits, fish and chips wrapped in newspaper, phone calls in those delightful red booths, double decker buses and mod mod mod. Which brings me to today's mood board.
You know Twiggy right? If you didn't know her before America's Next Top Model (shame on you... kidding), surely you're familiar with her now. Or you'll at least recognize the waif with the pixie cut and huge eyes shown below. She is what I think of when I picture London. I know, it's a bit like saying all of us Americans look like Cindy Crawford in all her mid-western, corn fed beauty, but I can't help myself.
Here—get in the Mod mood:

twiggySuper fun right? And it's all from companies located in the UK. Here, I'll prove it to you:
Twiggy, umbrella, coin purse, peter pan collared frock (oooooh! I'm so British.), MAC lipstick, t-strap ballet flats (I'm a little obsessed with these) and charmed bracelet.


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