Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Moving In: Exposed Closets

I'm on that horrible (and also fun and exciting) journey of apartment hunting. One minute it's exhilarating and the next it's exhausting. I've been really looking for probably three weeks now and it's taking up so much space in my brain that it's hard for me to even type this post, but here we are. Moving is not fun. But moving in — that's super fun. I love to decorate, to bring my old stuff and a little bit of new stuff and repurpose it all. So, of course, when I'm not on Craig's list, I'm scouring the internets to find some fun ideas to incorporate into my new space. One thing I've been particularly intrigued by is the idea of exposed closets. Let's be honest, my clothes aren't this pretty and fortunately, most of the apartments I've looked at have had ample storage, but it's still nice to be inspired.
So pretty right? Images from top: with couch // with large mirror // with purple rug // with grey stripe rug // behind bed


  1. Whoa! I love the look of this apartment. I love the use of colors. It looks clean just like some Southwest Austin apartments.

  2. I really really want a wardrobe like that, I think they are so nice! xxx


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