Sunday, March 21, 2010

Enjoy! Cupcakes!

I love cupcakes! I love vintage trailers! I'm positive that I would love cupcakes in a trailer. Especially in the sunshine of a magical place called Santa Ynez Valley, California. Enjoy Cupcakes is a family-owned bakery that has a lovely little shop as well as this charming catering trailer. The menu sounds amazing: chocolate salted caramel, banana lemon cream, plum black mangoe, cranberry orange clove to name a few. Check out this sweet video and be inspired.
Cupcake Trailer!


  1. Are you kidding me? When we move to California, we are going to this place all of the time, okay? Wow.

  2. This totally reminds me of that summer we cleaned my neighbor's trailer for like a week so that we could spend one miserably hot and humid night in it. I miss you...and childhood! :)


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