Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Magic Bean(s)

I don't get as many catalogs as I used to. Which is a horribly sad thing because I adore them. I love the smooth pages and the fake situations and the possibility that I might actually have enough money one of these days to make a purchase. That said, whenever I do see a hint of glossy goodness sticking out from under the pile of bills I get very excited. Yesterday I got something that surprised me. Not because of what it was (LL Bean) but because of what it had inside of it. LL Bean has launched something they're calling their "signature collection" and it's really quite nice. I don't mean to put down the Bean, but the name conjures up lime green polo shirts and yellow khaki skirts with flower appliques and this is so not that. See...
New Signature Collection from LL Bean
Quite nice right? And prices aren't awful. I won't be buying that darling belted twill jacket (in "deepest navy") anytime soon, but I do realize that it's a steal at only $99. And if I ever needed to stand in a parking lot, near an "ice" machine looking a little pissed but still lovely, I wouldn't mind spending $213 ($49 shirt, $65 skirt, $99 heel). The designer/creative director is a gentleman named Alex Carleton who's designed for Abercrombie and Polo Ralph Lauren and is quite handsome (tattooed, bearded, work booted...). I'm really looking forward to the next issue!
*Fun Fact* L.L. Bean is short for Leon Leonwood Bean. Now that's a name!

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