Monday, March 29, 2010

I Love Paris in the Springtime

It's going to be really nice here this week so I think it's finely ok to get emotionally attached to Spring. The midwest is notorious for teasing us with warmth and then spitting snow on our prematurely flip-flopped feet; but it's practically Easter so I'm embracing the sun and turning my thoughts to Spring. What better way to celebrate than to visit Paris? Even in the dead of winter, Paris is somehow ethereal and lovely, which is why I'm starting with some fashion shots of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) when she moved to Paris for a brief period at the end of Sex and the City, Season 6. Carrie is always fabulous, but something about her fashion while in Paris really charmed me. You can see why from these fashion shots...
Carrie in Paris
And from these screen captures. I particularly love the shot of her in front of the patisserie and her gorgeous red umbrella outside of Dior. Oui, oui!
Carrie Bradshaw in Paris
Au revoir!


  1. :) I love the title!
    :( I miss living with you!


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