Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Talented Stylist

If you've picked up an issue of Martha Stewart Weddings in the past few years, you're probably familiar with Randi Brookman-Harris and you didn't even know it. Randi has been a prop stylist since 2003 and since then has worked for Martha, Kate Spade, J Crew and others. Since deciding to work on a freelance basis she has worked for Paper + Cup and Real Simple and her list of clients is rapidly growing.
Styling by Randi Brookman Harris
Styling by Randi Brookman Harris
Styling by Randi Brookman Harris
Styling by Randi Brookman Harris
Her background is in graphic design and she has a degree from the School of Visual Arts. She has a wonderful sense of balance and control—her designs are put-together but not so polished that they feel forced or too poised. She has an incredible master of color and texture and does a nice job of adding a touch of whimsy. She seems to not take herself or her creations too seriously. (Notice the fanciful chickens in the J. Crew shoot or the seal toy on the dresser.) I love that she often brings in an element of hand-made to her images: the drawings on the wall, a hand-written note.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Randi over the phone and she is absolutely lovely. Charming and intelligent and full of passion for her chosen profession. Oh, and she's adorable.
Randi Brookman Harris
That's her on the right sitting on the arm of her couch with her dog, Olive (who is a star in her own right). Pop over to A Little Sussy to read a great interview with Randi and then visit her website and blog for even more amazing designs.

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  1. Nice! I like Olive. I wonder if Oliver could join Olive and they could model together. What do you think?


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