Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fashion Styling

When I'm browsing through a catalog or a look book or magazine, the styling of the photograph is the most intriguing thing to me. The fashion itself could be something I'd never even consider wearing, but if the space is designed well and interestingly, I'm immediately drawn in.
Styling by Jane Roarty
These photographs (styled by Jane Roarty) are so rich and lovely. The use of the mirror in the top left to bring in a little more red and texture is such a good idea. The posture and poise of the woman in the garage is such a contrast to the chaos of the space and yet it seems as though she should be sitting there for all time. The bottom shot of the two rainy day girls is so much fun. The stylist could've easily left the background to just the lush green, but by adding the sheep and sheepdog a whole other level of intrigue and life is added. The photographer captured it perfectly by framing the two ladies with the sheep on one side and the dog on the other.
Lyell Clothing
I am in love with the styling in these two shots from Lyell. It's as if this woman has opened her apartment to us and we've just popped in for a cup of tea and a photograph or two. The casualness and timelessness of the fashion is mirrored effortlessly in the space. And how adorable is she?
Fischer Clothing
Fischer Clothing
These images from Fischer clothing are breathtaking. The entire photograph is so thoughtful and moody and I love how they use the same space to take a female version and a male version for the catalog. Aren't the colors gorgeous? The stylist did such a nice job of keeping everything rich and monotone but then adding subtle pops of color (like the red frying pan above). Genius. And the clothes are so lovely.
Marion Cotillard in French Elle
And finally, I wanted to share these completely charming photographs that I've had saved for some time of the stunning Marion Cottilard for French Elle. The styling is subtle and easy but the set as a whole—her hair, clothes, props, posing—is just beautiful.

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