Monday, May 3, 2010

Outdoor Dining

After a long (cold!) midwest winter, I want to do everything I can outside. Which includes battling the bugs and the wind and the occasional raindrop to enjoy the company of friends around a nice meal. As of yet, I don't have any way to do this in my back yard. But I hope that will someday change and I'll be able to play hostess in a space like this.
Outdoor Dining
Outdoor Dining
(sources: from top left and clockwise— design*sponge, tec pataja, once wed, rightbank, better homes and gardens, domino via rightbank, once wed) I'm a "goes-together" but doesn't perfectly match kind of gal and I adore (and own) all types of random dishes, so this aesthetic really appeals to me. I love the different glasses and plates and containers of flowers. There's such freedom in simply putting down your mix of dinnerware and calling it done. Trust me, if you believe they coordinate, so will everyone else.
Outdoor dining essentials
Use what you've got, but if you need some additional pieces or are new to this idea, check out some of these lovelies. Wouldn't that owl pitcher (01) be fun with lemonade or pansies? The cutlery (02) from modcloth is sold as a completely random assortment (and is always out of stock because of it's fabulousness) but doesn't it give you the justification you needed to pick up that random spoon you loved at goodwill or a tag sale? To me, plates + bowls (03, 05) are the easiest and most fun to collect—there are so many charming prints. Outdoor dining is incomplete without candles, and these jars (04) hang easily from trees and look like little fireflies. Why don't I already own these stumpy salt and pepper shakers (06)? They'd be right at home with my other silly shakers. An outdoor friendly side table (07) is nice because you aren't constantly running inside to grab things. And if it's filled with lovely glasses like these, (08, 09, 10, 11) what could be better? Now, go plan a menu...

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  1. these pics make me want to drag out my dining room table into the yard. just what my husband would love. or not. :)
    gorgeous ideas...


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