Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Glory of Anthropologie

My city has a pathetic excuse for a shopping mall. It's mostly kiosks of eyebrow shaping and sunglasses and "designer" purses. So when I decided I wanted to try and find some end-of-the-summer deals, I asked a sweet friend of mine to take the trip to a much better mall about an hour away. Because she's a sweet friend (and her husband is out of town), she agreed. My favorite thing? Always Anthropologie. I don't usually buy much (if anything) but I love to wander around the store admiring the displays and smelling the toiletries and touching the luxurious fabrics. We walked out of the store agreeing that it was a little depressing to not have the money to purchase the beautiful items, but ultimately there was so much inspiration at Anthropologie that it was totally worth it. It's like a gallery more than a store.
Anthropologie has a Flickr stream with some of their display designs and I thought you'd enjoy them with me? Good.
Don't you love the eraser maple leaf from their Ontario store? Such a good idea. Check out others in the photostream. A handful of these images are also from the small (but inspiring) Anthropologie window displays Flickr pool. If you have an Anthro in your mall, count your blessings and visit often. If not, it's worth the drive for sure!

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