Wednesday, August 4, 2010

String Gardens

Now I'm no gardener. I have a plant (Larry) that I've managed to keep alive for a year and a half (he's a trooper) and I'm now officially growing pumpkins (because I let one rot from last Halloween), but when it comes to growing things I'm clueless. Not to say that I don't wish I had a well planted yard or a bountiful garden or a sun porch full of lush green plants, just that I'm lost when it comes to such things. So I'm certainly not pretending that I'll be figuring out these little beauties any time soon, but you definately should. Because they're amazing.
String Gardens
These are the work of Fedor using string, moss, grass and bowls as the base and then suspending the plants. They're so fun and whimsical—just what we need. If you figure it out, you let me know.

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