Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Heart Sterling Cooper

I am seriously missing Mad Men. Do you know the show? It's an amazing drama on AMC that chronicles an ad agency in the 1960's. It's acclaimed for its social and visual authenticity, both of which are equally intriguing to me and my old soul. I came across these images from Vanity Fair awhile ago and have just been sitting on them. It's time to share...
Mad Men
Isn't it all too beautiful to bear? The set design, the clothes, Jon Hamms jaw... stunning. And I love how the photographs really depict Don and Betty's relationship in the show: passionate and intense but so distant. Don't you love her yellow shoes with that green dress? Good idea Vanity Fair!

Of course this beautiful show has inspired many artists to create their own interpretations. Here are some great posters from designer Christina Perry and some illustrations from artist Dyna Moe. Such fun.
Mad Men

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