Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paint Splatter Engagement

I love a sickeningly sweet engagement shoot just as much as the next girl. But. This session from Australian photographers "You Can't Be Serious" is so, so great. I love it when people go beyond the expected. And I love it even more when a client lets the artist talk them into doing something a little different. Aren't they fun? (And, let's be honest with each other, their clear enjoyment of one another is still the perfect amount of sweet.)
Splatter Engagement
Splatter Engagement
Want this fun, retro style without all of that mess? Grab yourself one of these splattered items.
ruffled tank top // denim shorts // clutch // headphones // sundress // slingbacks // t-shirt


  1. beautiful couple. the energy of their relationship is tangible in each photo. Love it.

  2. hey,loved the blog! I have to ask-do you know by any chance what kind of paint is used in these photo shoots? I have to shoot something similar-where I blast people with paint,and I can't seem to find the right paint!
    help me! :D
    thanks in advance!

  3. I love this idea! How did you prepare for this shoot?


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