Friday, June 4, 2010

Ms. Maira Kalman

Oh man, this is good stuff. Do you know Maira Kalman? She is an incredibly talented illustrator and writer. She had a column in the New York Times called "And the Pursuit of Happiness" where she illustrated her ideas and thoughts on random topics. Here's an excerpt from one she titled "Heaven on Earth"
Maira Kalman
Maira Kalman
Please! Grab a cup of coffee or tea or lemonade and spend some time with this column. You won't regret it.
Maira has illustrated/written quite a few books, one of which was "The Elements of Style". I have yet to see this book, but I did get to see a short film she created based on the book. It's completely lovely and the music is absolutely perfect. You can see it here.
Maira Kalman: Elements of Style video
And here is the lovely Maira herself in her home as well as her self portrait. Wouldn't you love to have a piece of honey cake with her?
Maira Kalman
Sources: top/bottom and far right

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