Thursday, October 14, 2010

Delicious Delights

What's more lovely than cakes and bakery counters and gumballs? Paintings of such goodies of course. Wayne Thiebauld painted some really beautiful desserts in the 60s. He reminds me of Edward Hopper in his technique and in the overall feel. The paintings, although quite charming, have a sense of loneliness and want in them. But they are delightful aren't they?
Sweets by Wayne Thiebaud
Sweets by Wayne Thiebaud
Sweets by Wayne Thiebaud
If you thought those were sweet (pun intended obviously), you're going to love these dessert drawings from Mr. Andy Warhol. I've loved them for awhile and am glad to finally share them with you!
Sweets by Andy Warhol
I love his quote on that glorious yellow cake "Food is my great Extravagance". Somehow I doubt that to be true, but it shows you how much he really loved the things he drew.
Who wants cake?
Sources: Artchive // IN // World Gallery


  1. Want you to know that 'you're in my reader'!

  2. hi sarah! love this post (ok, i love all your posts)... thought you should know there is a book out there called "Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Cookbook" that was published in the 40s or 50s (i forget when exactly)... it was illustrated by a young gentleman named Andrew Warhola... yup! before he was known!!! the little drawings of canapés and kitchen tools and meats and things are super cute. you should try to find one on alibris for cheap. i love having it just for looking at his little line drawings....

  3. That sounds amazing—I'll for sure check it out. I'm kind of obsessed with food and kitchen-related illustrations. Thanks for the kind words and for leaving a comment!
    PS. I'm sorry if it's been up for awhile and I hadn't noticed, but the additions to your portfolio on your site are stunning! Great, great work Randi!


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