Monday, January 10, 2011

Mid-Century Magic (Douglas Coupland)

Douglas Coupland is a well-respected author and artist who lives in Vancouver. He is also the owner of two houses; which, in itself, is not that uncommon for a popular author/artist. What is uncommon is that the houses are not only in the same city, but on the same street. In fact his main house is directly in front of his second home. His reasoning for this: he loves them both. And his second is actually a lovely mid-century house that he was keen on making sure remained well taken care of and looked after. Can't fault a man for that! Especially since it's a style of architecture that I'm particularly fond of myself. He's outfitted the interior with found objects, mid-century furniture and his own artwork. And let me tell you, it all works quite well together.
Douglas Coupland's Home
Douglas Coupland's Home
So many quirky touches: he's building a white lego surround around that column, his large downy bottle in the entryway, the spools of thread mounted on pegs, the game "mousetrap" acting as sculpture, the dice on the wall in the entry way. I love all of the colors and the light, it really does feel like a vacation home. Maybe he'd let us stay for a night or two?
(all images from the New York Times)

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  1. Such a quirky, fun place! Inspirational eyecandy :)


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