Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Listen To This: Music for your Wednesday

It was Australia Day on the 26th and we had a lovely barbecue with friends. The Cricket was on (don't get me started) and we all gathered in the one room that has air conditioning until the shade was wide enough in the backyard for us to be outside without melting. One of the big things on Australia Day is the Triple J Hottest 100. This is a listener-created countdown of the best songs of the last year. And this year Angus and Julia Stone took the number one spot with the above song. It's lovely and melancholy and Australia-made. So there you go—enjoy! (PS. Hope you don't mind the "Music For..." being moved to Wednesday this week! It'll most likely be back to Friday next week).
(Angus and Julia Stone // Big Jet Plane)

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