Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Chic Gardener

You know how much I love anything to do with the mid-century: fashion, society, interior design, graphic design, all of it... And you know that I love it when people interpret this era in modern (or at least new) ways. So, obviously Kelly Reemtsen and I were meant to be great friends. She's created these fantastic oil paintings featuring women in vintage dress with (mainly) gardening tools... or weapons of destruction depending on how you look at them. There is something a little menacing about a woman in a pink satin dress holding a gardening hose. Not entirely sure what she's up to, but I'm intrigued.
Kelly Reemtsen
Kelly Reemtsen
And since it's always time to be thinking about gardening (either you're planting or harvesting or prepping for both) I thought I'd share some items to pretty up the task.
where to buy: shirt dress // blue booties // kitchen compost bin // tools // watering can // pots // gloves // kneeling pad // plant stand // chalk board plant markers // clover t-shirt
Are you a gardener?

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  1. Just what I needed to see while I am surrounded by snow. I am longing for April showers and May flowers. Much love Sarah!! xo


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