Thursday, October 27, 2011

Look At This: Miss Eve

Normally when I see a "look-at-my-style" blog I have one of three reactions: eye roll (oops, did I say that outloud?), overwhelming knowledge of how I'll never be that cool or I'm inspired to rock a huge flower and mix some patterns. When Bri (of designlovefest) introduced me to this teensy fashionista I was incredibly inspired.  Eve is the daughter of the amazing photographer Jen Altman and is only five years old! The little "about Eve" section declares that she puts her outfits together entirely on her own and then, when she feels like it, has her mama take her picture. Then it gets blogged to inspire us all. Adorable.
Little Eve
I am sincerely on the lookout for a pair of cowboy boots. Amazing.
(all images from Eve's blog)


  1. she is so beautiful...and to think she picks out her own outfits...!!!!

  2. Isn't she amazing? I need her to help me choose some outfits!

  3. This girl is crazy cute. Love the cowgirl boots. Dressing with abandon and complete knowledge of who she is. Its awesome.


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