Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pretty Party: Pink + Blue + Sugary Sweet

I have many talented friends with many unique and awe-inspiring gifts but only one of them (sweet Lindsay) has the ability to make the words "key lime tartlets" look even more delicious than the tartlets themselves. I am not the only person that has realized she has amazing penmanship—luckily there are lots of people from all over the country that have asked her to create things for them. And, yeah for us!, one bridal shower she made art for was featured on Style Me Pretty last week. Which means I have some great photos for you that not only showcase her work but is a darn sweet bridal shower. Blue and pink is always a good idea and in this case, with all of the sugary sweet details, it's an important grounder for the decor. Without that pop of sassy blue the entire party (cutie guests included) would've floated into the sky.
Who needs a cookie? Me too - let's go!
(all images from Style Me Pretty)

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