Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello Neighbor! The Art of the Entryway

I've only ever lived in one house that had an actual entryway (the others have all opened into the kitchen or living room). In that space we had a table with a little pineapple (the international sign of hospitality you know), a pretty mirror and a rug. Pretty standard stuff, but it made me happy to open the door onto it every night. Entryways can be such a joy—especially when they're organized and thoughtful.
Entryways (1)
Entryways (3)
Entryways (2)
Are you lucky enough to have a gorgeous entryway? What sort of things do you fill it with?
(images from top left and across: black + white rug // orange chair // umbrellas // colorful hooks // concrete // outerwear storage // blue chair // horse photo // clear // striped rug // rain boots // large mirror // long bench // jute rug // striped stairs // oriental rug // yellow doors // circle rug // blue vase // green hutch // wallpaper // pink flowers // built-in seat


  1. So much inspiration! You always have the best pics. I love the caramel nailhead sofa in the "blue vase" pic - oh, to fit a sofa in your entry!

  2. Seriously! I'd love to be able to fit a sofa! Or a bench or anything more than my keys and umbrella really. Glad you enjoyed it!


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