Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Loving: Menswear Campaigns

This is probably one of those instances where I think that this is a "new" thing but it's really just new to me. I realize that the whole idea of a lookbook is probably as old as fashion itself, but lookbooks available to the public (via the internet mostly) seems to be something that's fairly recent. That said, I generally peruse the women's collections (for obvious reasons) but these men's books are not only full of great clothing but are beautifully shot, styled and modeled. The fashion house is named at the beginning of each of the features, but they are: CXXVI (of New York), 10Deep (also of New York) and Cavalier (which doesn't exactly exist but Taylor Pemberton seems to be the designer and he's in Savannah, GA).
Mens Lookbooks: CCXVI
Mens Lookbooks: 10Deep
Mens Lookbooks: Cavalier
Well done boys.

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