Monday, May 23, 2011

Loving: Golden Interiors

It's funny how your tastes change isn't it? Not too long ago I would've poo-pooed me if I suggested that gold in an interior was anything other than gaudy and old-fashioned (and not in a good way). But now... my eyes are opened to the gorgeousness of a bit of bling. The best part about adding a bit of gold to your home? Swing by the hardware store for a can of spray paint then to goodwill for a cheap mirror or metal side table and you've got yourself a bit of magic.
Gold Interiors (1)
Gold Interiors (2)
Gold Interiors (3)
Gold Interiors (4)
images from top left: brocade chest of drawers // table setting // hallway mirror // mirror installations // gold poufs // metal chair // headboard // gold couch // coffee table // wallpaper // fireplace // office // tree // drapes // zebra rug // pendants

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