Monday, May 2, 2011

Meet: Lovisa Burfitt + the Cherry Blossom Girl

Our new (Parisienne of course) friend is an incredibly talented illustrator and fashion designer who's worked with giants such as H&M, Bloomingdale's, Vogue and Elle. I love her mix of pencil and ink and crazy bursts of color. And of course the shoes, oh the shoes!
Lovisa Burfitt (1)
Lovisa Burfitt (2)
Have you met this chic lady, "the cherry blossom girl"? Dang. She's adorable. And unfortunately makes me a little cranky with her fabulousness. She's a stylist and fashion designer and, lucky for us, documents her gorgeous travels and wardrobe choices and macarons for us to "ooh la la" over.
Cherry Blossom Girl
Don't you think Lovisa could be illustrating Alix's life? So much loveliness.
(all Lovisa illustrations are from her portfolio and all Cherry Blossom images are from her blog)

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