Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Modern Movie Posters

I'm really enjoying this new trend of reinventing classic movie posters (in the traditional or cult sense). I particularly love the pieces that boil down the plot to a single scene or icon. So clever.
Modern Movie Posters (1)
Modern Movie Posters (2)
Modern Movie Posters (3)
images from top: line drawings // i can read movies // simple icons // art deco // pictograms


  1. Love them! Am struggling to choose my favourite, but Edward Scissorhands and Ghostbusters are up there! :)

  2. These are so rad. The Edward Scissorhands especially because it not only speaks to the plot of the movie but also the general emo-ness of the movie's theme. My inner angst-ridden teenager approves :)

  3. Ha! I couldn't agree more! My not-so-inner angst-ridden teenager has been tearing up over the plight of Edward all week. :)
    And the Ghostbusters one was my other favorite!
    Great minds...
    Have a good weekend! xo sarah


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