Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Gal Kate

You know that I have a soft spot for Kate Spade and anything she wants to sell me. Well, the good news is that she's launched a wedding line (yippee!), the bad news is I'm not engaged (boo!). But more importantly, the news is the colorful, fabulous, fun new goods from Kate.
Kate Spade Weddings (1)
Kate Spade Weddings (2)
Kate Spade Weddings (3)
Hot pink bridal tights! Turquoise chandelier earrings! Sweet pearl necklaces! Oh Kate, you've done it again.
She's also got some fun stuff for bridesmaids (really any of her already designed items are perfect for bridesmaids) and she's done a little section for the honeymoon. Here's a little peek into that.
Kate Spade Honeymoon
Wouldn't you be adorable in that blue dress? Of course you would my dear...
(fashions from kate spade // stationery from crane // styled photos from kate spade and 100 layer cake)


  1. So excited at this news! Although I can hardly believe how many big names are coming out with their own wedding line: J. Crew, BHLDN and now Kate! It's pretty fabulous, but I wish it was around when I got married!

  2. so unfair that these awesome wedding lines come out a year after my wedding! i would've been all over those glitter-heeled satin shoes

  3. man, I just LOVE kate spade. makes me want to wear colored tights every day of my existence....

  4. Linds! Totally agreed! Colored tights are so amazing. All three of you I'm positive had amazing weddings! And you can take pride in the fact that you did it without Anthro and Kate and JCrew :)


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