Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Framing Objects

I love the idea of framing important objects: baby clothes, your mom's vintage purse, a childhood toy. They make such charming and interesting additions to an interior.
Framed Objects (1)
Framed Objects (2)
Framed Objects (3)
Framed Objects (4)
images from top left: white shirt // glass ornaments // books // paper heart // dress // flowers // frame installation // keys (with little notes underneath saying where each one was from) // badges // starfish // shoes growth chart // swimsuits // christmas ornaments // silverware // plates // doll clothes // animal


  1. I realised I haven´t said it out loud, I have just kept it to myself! I enjoy your blog very very much! Thank you for very inspiring and beautiful posts.

  2. What a great post - there is so much inspiration here!

  3. Thanks Nina! So nice to have you! I'm glad you enjoy the blog!
    And Ms. Anne-Marie: thanks to you as well! That means a lot since every single one of your lovely posts inspire me as well!


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