Monday, April 18, 2011

Have a Cuppa?

Hello friends! I spent most of today telling this cold that's trying to take over my body that it is not welcome and also (and more importantly) catching up on the zillions of blog posts I've missed over the past month. I've been particularly busy and preoccupied so I'm very behind, and am truthfully still very behind, but I did run across two things that I thought you'd be interested in.
Up first is a project from Brooklyn photographer Jennifer Causey called "The Makers". She interviews and photographs small business owners/artists/you know people who "make" things. One of my favorites is her profile of Brooklyn (and Oakland and San Francisco) based coffee shop, "Blue Bottle". The moustached owner seems to really love the art of roasting the beans and his shop looks a bit like a chemists lab with all of those dials and jars and funnels. It's really quite interesting to see the process.
Blue Bottle (1)
Blue Bottle (2)
(via design is mine)
And then I came across this lovely coffee shop in Mexico called "Cielito Querido Cafe" and knew that you'd be able to picture yourself enjoying a hot beverage there as well. It's gorgeous.
Cielito Querido Café
I love the lively colors and all of that fabulous typography. And the fact that I can enjoy a delicious coffee sends me over the moon.


  1. i'm a huge fan. :) I could stay in coffee shops like these all day...just watching the world go by, catching up with friends or reading a great book. a coffee shop with character...i'm in.

  2. I think coffee is my favorite thing. Maybe ever. And I'm with you, I could for sure spend days on end sitting in beautiful coffee shops.


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