Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy House Plants

I remember my mom having a lot of plants around the house. They hung from painted hooks in the ceiling, sat on step ladders or on doilies on top of antique hutches. Fake plants have come a long way but there's nothing that can compare to a real, live potted plant in an interior. Even if you're guests can't tell the difference, to me there's something really romantic and organic about caring for a living decoration. Even if it doesn't bloom, even if it has an awful name like "spider plant", seeing that spot of green is very comforting.
House Plants (1)
House Plants (2)
House Plants (3)
House Plants (4)
House Plants (5)Images are mostly from pinterest. Are you a part of pinterest yet? Just take one little peek over there and you'll be hooked. Images specifically (from top left and across): dining room // kitchen // bathroom // countertop // bathroom // hutch // porch // bedroom // tea tins // living room // dining room // kitchen // living room // table by window // dining room // bathroom // kitchen counter // window // plantstand

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