Monday, April 4, 2011

Meet: Paul Barbera

What can I say about Paul Barbera? Are we interested in the fact that he's Australian but now splits his time between Europe, New York and Australia? Or that he received a Bachelor's degree in 1994 from the Victorian College of the Arts? We may or may not even care that he's traveled all over the place (India, Brazil, Turkey, Bali...) and worked for some big names (David Jones, Coke, Ikea). You and I are very nice people and we're proud of and interested in all of these things, but they shadow our main concern: his amazing portfolio. Amazing. We love his use of space and light, his saturated imagery, his interesting layouts. Oh and the word cupcake in ribbon—we really like that.
Paul Barbera (1)
Paul Barbera (2)
Paul Barbera (3)
He has more images on his site and his representations site. And yes, they're all lovely.

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