Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Very Purple-y

Purple has never been a favorite of mine. I think every one of my friends went through a purple bedroom stage but I've always been a blue and white kind of girl. Or maybe green. But for some reason I missed the purple boat. But I'm climbing aboard now. There are so many delightful shades of purple: bright, dusky, pale. And as an accent or paired with mostly white it's really quite lovely without being garish. Who knew? Probably all of you that had gorgeous teenage, purple bedrooms.
Purple (1)
Purple (2)
Purple (3)
images from top left: purple rug // dark couch // teacups // lilac couches // purple wall // purple blanket // striped floor // shutters // oriental rug // velvet pillow // lilac chair // glass bottles // balloons // wallpaper // lilac pillow // dusty purple wall // marble fireplace // dark purple wall // tabletop


  1. I had a purple bedroom! I was so over it so fast, though. But I'm still in love with pretty much anything aubergine.

  2. Beautiful post! It's really a love-or-hate type hue, isn't it?


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