Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Look At This: Malls Across America

I think it was my cousin Brian that originally introduced me to the site "How to be a Retronaut" and in particular this great article on shopping malls in the 1990's. This fella made a decision in 1989 to drive across America and take photographs of people in malls. It's always amazing to me when people do these sorts of things knowing that it won't really be great for years and years. I've had so much fun looking back at the fashion and the interiors. I have a feeling most of you were going through middle school or high school during the height of this amazing fashion and will get a kick out of it too.
American shopping malls in the 1990's
American shopping malls in the 1990's
There are more here. Do any of these images remind you of yourself? I wish I would've been this cool.


  1. These photos definitely made me laugh. Are we going to look back at 2011 and laugh too?
    p.s. Love the Retronaut site.

  2. I actually did post a comment on this one a few weeks ago but I am realizing now (after my last two posts) that I did not enter that crazy verification word at the end so it didn't post, boo. I'm pretty sure I wrote something quite clever and hilarious too, figures. Anyway, these pics are so fantastic! And I'm so glad I'm not in any of them! ;-)


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