Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Moving In: Erin Featherston

You know how in some posh movies or tv shows fancy people take the elevator to a private floor and the doors open onto another set of antique iron doors and then into a huge, light-filled, french furnished space? Well this gorgeous interior has all of that AND the cutest little doll of a woman living in it. Erin is a fashion designer living in NYC and she was gracious enough to let Vogue into her apartment and in turn, us.
Erin Fetherston (Vogue)
Erin Fetherston (Vogue)
You can read the article and see more images on the Vogue site.
This won't come as a surprise to you since most of my clothing is from Target, but I'd never seen any of Ms. Fetherston's fashions; however seeing her beautiful apartment made me very curious. So I thought you might be too. Visit her website to see more of her fashions, but here are a few of my favorites from her Resort 2012 collection.
Erin Fetherston Resort 2012
Isn't it gorgeous? She definitely lives her art - it's all very cohesive.


  1. Such an ethereal home.. but the black keeps it from floating away...if I didn't have children, lol!


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