Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Moving In: Artemis + Nao's Sheds

Remember this couple? I did a little feature on their wedding awhile back (go look at it if you don't remember—it was stunning). Artemis and her husband Nao spend their days creating gorgeous jewelry and collecting vintage wares to sell in their online shop. This said, they're obviously a very creative couple with the need for workspaces. Here's where the sheds become a part of the story. It started with Artemis: her family decided to build her this adorable shed and she's spent time painting and decorating and making it her own little sewing and weaving space. Here's how I imagine this went: Artemis to Nao "Isn't it the best? I can keep all of my supplies and ideas and projects locked in here and I can visit and create any time I want!" Nao: "I neeeeeeeed that too!". At least that's how it would go with me. If I was living with someone and they had an awesome shed it would take me all of ten seconds to get in my car and head to the Home Depot to buy my own 4' x 6' shed. And then two minutes of hammer-wielding before I got my dad to come over and help put it together. But back to the people who've already done this....
You're going to really be inspired by this I think. These spaces may be small but with the big windows and bright interiors I don't think you'd feel too claustrophobic - do you? I'd definitely give it a go. If it didn't work out think of the happy chickens you could house!
Shed (3)
Shed (4)
above is Artemis' shed // below is Nao's (he likes to repair found leather bags and then sells them in the shop)
Shed (1)
Shed (2)
More shed pics here. Visit them at the blog, the jewelry shop and the vintage resell site.

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