Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moving In: Keri Russell's Brooklyn Brownstone

Haven't we all had a girl-crush on the fabulous Keri Russell since Felicity? Even after she cut her hair (such a scandal!). She's popped up here and there and every time I'm reminded how much I love her. And seeing her beautiful Brooklyn brownstone featured in Elle Decor made me want to move in with her (and her cutie pie husband and son). It's all light and wood and interesting accents. The space feels easy and natural, just like Ms. Russell herself.
Keri Russell's Brownstone
Keri Russell's Brownstone
This is actually every room featured in the article, which I don't normally like to do but couldn't bring myself to cut anything. Pop over to Elle Decor anyway to read the article and to see all of the other amazing spaces they've featured.
Now for some pieces to help recreate this space in your space.
Style inspired by Keri Russell's brownstone
sources from top left: wing chair // pendant // ottoman // chest // blanket // "home is" art // bertoia wire side chair // vase // mirror


  1. I love Keri Russell. I so badly wanted to be her when she on the Mickey Mouse Club. She wa so cool and sing-ey and dance-y with her curly hair which was cute and fashion-ey. Not like mine which was just unfortunate and afro-ey.

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