Friday, July 29, 2011

Listen To This: Agnes Obel

This is nothing more than a haunting, simple, sweet tune to start your weekend. Doing anything fun?

agnes obel // riverside
And as far as this week's tweets go (@hmdtweets) well, it was a light week what with my being away and all of that. Here are the four links I have for you my dears.
Weekly tweets
left to right:
calm down party
jcrew's famous poppy pout
pack some potato salad

Enjoy the weekend! Hope you too are enjoying some lovely weather!


  1. are right. This song is simple and haunting. Beautiful.

    This weekend I was planning on getting the Lauren Conrad do' BUT my hair guy won't do it because he said it would ruin the integrity of my hair :/

    Happy Weekend to you.

  2. the bee's knees

  3. Ugh! Stupid (probably right) hair guy! We could photoshop it :)


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