Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pretty Party: Something Blue with Feather + Stone

I went to the Finder's Keepers Markets a few weeks ago and saw lots and lots of really lovely things created by equally as lovely people. Feather + Stone photography set up a charming photo booth complete with great props and a gorgeous, sparkly, colorful background. Of course my friend and I had our photo taken (she was a pirate and I was a bear) and while we waited for the polaroid to develop we looked through their fantastic portfolio. If only I were getting married — I'd for sure have them document the day. The group (there are four of them all up) is young and forward thinking and I didn't see a single shot where the entire bridal party is jumping in the air. If you are lucky enough to be having an event that needs to be captured, do yourself a favor and call on them. And then send me some of your favorite shots so I can be excited with you!
Feather + Stone photography
Feather + Stone photography

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