Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look At This: Icy Babies

It's funny how it never really occurred to me that while I was baking away in the hot-ish Illinois summer sun, my mates down under were freezing in their non-insulated houses. This is now only too apparent as I sit here wishing I had some of those fancy fingerless gloves to help keep me warm while I put this post together. And it's July, a typically miserably hot month. Now that you understand my icy state of mind, you can see why I was drawn to these gorgeous icy babies from illustrator/graphic designer Thereza Rowe. I love that she sees (and helps us to see) the funny little creatures just waiting to be noticed in otherwise mundane patches of snow. When I get home to the snow I'll be on the lookout for these guys.
Thereza Rowe's Icy Babies
Thereza Rowe's Icy Babies
There are more on Thereza's site (along with some other really great illustrations).

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