Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Well Designed: Envelopes

Particularly in this age of bills and not much more in the mail, it's such a treat to get a beautiful envelope. If you're inviting someone to an event it's the guests first opportunity to get excited; if you're sending a letter of gratitude it's a chance to show an extra amount of care and love; and if you're simply writing someone to brighten their day, why not start that brightening immediately? The following images are inspiration, tutorials, art and ideas. Refer to the image sources to see which are tutorials and send some mail to a friend!
image sources from top left: cream fabric // doily tutorial // escort cards // personalized map tutorial // vintage wallpaper lined // confetti // paisley + white calligraphy // tiny book pages // a wedding wish // grid paper tutorial // scalloped map // neighborhood // accordion book tutorial // abigail // quilt // red + vintage stamps // envelope surprise tutorial // fully illustrated // craft paper // patterned window // vellum + twine // curvy calligraphy // yellow fabric // small envelope on paper tutorial

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