Monday, July 18, 2011

Look At This: Antler Mag + Manimal

The cover of the latest issue of Antler magazine has the expected lovely lady in a hat and fringe halter with the word "pioneer" in the bottom corner. I get excited when I hear (or see) that word: pioneer. My brain goes into overdrive with images of large-brimmed hats, lace up boots and floral-print maxi dresses. Luckily as I flicked through the pages I was only more inspired. And I added horses to my imaginary prairie scene. You'll see why.
Antler Magazine
Antler Magazine
And while I was flipping through some past issues of the digital magazine I happened across this Brooklyn-based business that not only makes really lovely things but fits perfectly with my imagined "pioneer".  Manimal offers moccasins and other leather goods (they even have a couple of vegan options).
manimal mocassins

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