Monday, September 12, 2011

Listen To This: Bandana Splits

Hello my dear! I hope you had a lovely weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous here in Northern Illinois. The air was thick with people realizing it was probably one of the last really warm and sunny days of the season - especially the last weekend day - so there was a lot of loud music being pumped through open car windows. I had to drive a bit to a backyard celebration so I was one of those hooligans (although at one point I drove past an older man reading George W. Bush's biography on his front lawn and I did turn my stereo down - right after he shot me a dirty look. Eek.). These last days of summer make everyone around here giddy and put me in the mood for some retro revival, feel good music. I think I'm still confused on what day it is and I didn't post a music video on Friday so I thought I'd do it today. But since it's Monday and not Friday I'm not doing tweets (@hmdtweets), I've made you a board instead. Yeah!I hope you like it (if you do, go get the album and cruise around town. Quick! Before it starts to snow!)

bandana splits // sometimes
Bandana Splits Inspiration
Bandana Splits inspiration
felix clock // retro radio // fringe shoe // gelati print // bow // red dress

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