Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Look At This: Thao + Mirah On Tour

Hello my dear! Did you have a nice long weekend? I always have such a great Labor Day weekend but it makes me a little sad knowing that ice and snow is just around the corner. Since I didn't get to experience any of that last year (and I honestly do enjoy it up until after the first of the year when it just keeps on being freezing and there's no Christmas cheer to warm you) I was able to enjoy the weekend without any of that forlorn. Oh and I spent Sunday with some amazing friends celebrating a marriage so it was even sweeter. The wedding forced me to do a bit of driving—over an hour each way—so I got to spend some time with my ipod. The drive back today was especially fun since I knew where I was going and I didn't have to get back at any particular time, I was able to relax and think about what I wanted to listen to. This got me in the mood to go see a show and when I got home I decided to see who's planning a fall tour near me. Well, The Tallest Man on Earth isn't (although he IS going to be in Brisbane in October) but Thao Nguyen is playing with The Get Down Stay Down in Madison Wisconsin and Chicago Illinois and I'd love to go see them. This leads me to today's share. On Thao's blog she shared this great story that Wendy Macnaughton illustrated showing bits and pieces from a tour that Thao did with Mirah. Wendy's watercolor sketches really tickled me, I think you'll love them too.
Thao + Mirah on tour by Wendy Macnaughton
Thao + Mirah on tour by Wendy Macnaughton
here's the whole story

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