Friday, September 16, 2011

Listen To This: James Vincent McMorrow

I went to a show last night. I've been wanting to for awhile and I was invited by a great friend (with great taste in music) to see a fella that I hadn't ever heard of. The tickets were affordable and I didn't have to drive so I decided to go along. Man am I glad I did. This Irish gentleman has such a great voice and was so lovely to watch and listen to. He has such a mellow sound that I didn't know how it would translate into concert form but with the band and his chitchat it made for a really great (and surprisingly lively) evening. He's currently on his first-ever headlining American tour so check out the cities/dates on his site and go support him. Bring a friend - shows are always better with friends.

james vincent mcmorrow // if i had a boat


  1. Kind of reminds me of Jeff Buckley. Gorgeous voice eh?

  2. And for some reason, it reminded me of this (which is completely different!).


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