Friday, September 2, 2011

Listen To This: Little Dragons

Generally speaking when I'm trying to decide on a song to share with you the video is one of the major factors. Which usually means no live tracks (unless they're still recorded in a studio) and no "fan" videos. Because they're often really bad. Not the case with today's song. This video, which is basically a clip from the movie "Vivre sa Vie" with this gorgeous French woman Anna Karina, feels completely right to me. I hope you enjoy the song and the clip.

little dragon // please turn
This week's tweets were a little sparse, but I'm done traveling for awhile and I've got myself an iPhone (yeah!) so hopefully I'll be better in the coming weeks. Regardless, here they are:
This Weeks Tweets v4
awesome + inspired wedding table decor // interesting VMA moments // go see this movie (I promise it's not as sad as this picture makes it look)
Have a great Labor Day my dear! I'll see you here again on Tuesday! xo

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